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Step 2: With Our Experience

Whether you are tweaking one of our existing award-winning floorplans, or starting from scratch, or if you have your own designs you are looking for a different perspective on, this is the point where you truly start to see the Sherburne-Marrs difference. Virtually every Sherburne-Marrs home starts with Jared’s hand sketches, clearly illustrates his passion for creating extraordinary, one of a kind living spaces. This is when the lens starts to focus, and the picture becomes clear.

Step 2: With Our Experience

In this first sit down, you will be joined by Sherburne-Marrs' master designer. This is an exhilarating exploration of your home needs and bucket list items.

Practically anything is possible with limitless time and resources, but these do play a part at some point and we will help you identify what resources and general costs may be required to make them a reality.

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