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Investors and Developers

A Future of Strategy and Creativity

Why Sherburne-Marrs?

The impressive Sherburne-Marrs portfolio says it all. Let us share our track record of ingenious home design with you. This history illustrates the creative and strategic vision we have each year. Awards and recognition have included everything from the BCA's "Best Overall" to the "Humanitarian Award".

Not just a builder of homes, our involvement in communities is far-reaching and impactful. Through our proven cooperative efforts, our communities have shed common growth patterns to emerge as dominant contributors to their neighborhood and city growth.

It's more than just building houses. It surpasses planting neighborhoods. Sherburne-Marrs shapes a future of growth with precision. Let us show you how we do it.


From far and wide, we are approached by real estate investors looking for the Idaho Opportunity. Boise's track record in growth for the last 10 years is remarkable and has drawn national and global attention.

With over 20 years of home and property development, Sherburne-Marrs has a proven track record of land investment growth. Traversing two major market shifts has proven our approach to investing in Idaho lands. 

If you have an interest in Idaho investment, let us help you build a strategy. We are Gem State natives with loyal relationships throughout our splendid Treasure Valley. Together we can build an exciting and rewarding future for you and this great state.



One of our greatest opportunities is working with local property developers. Together we transition land from dormant or vacant, to beautifully sculpted and family fostering. To many, the process is magical. As experienced community builders, Sherburne-Marrs knows how to take a rock and make it a diamond. 

Every community that Sherburne-Marrs has had the privilege of working within has benefited from our extensive experience in land maximizing. This wisdom is crafted from years of vision, creativity, innovation, validation, and measuring. If you allow us to be a part of your project as early on as possible, we can help you see the possibilities that are rarely realized in many communities.

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