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Step 6: Exterior & Interior

The exciting phase of esthetics, both outside and inside the home.

Step 6: Exterior & Interior

It's time for the icing on the cake - esthetics. How do we make this home uniquely yours? With design that speaks to you. Are you the raw, industrial material kind, or a light and airy modern type?

Sherburne-Marrs offers exclusive in-house design services. Others might send you out to several vendors and locations on your own to select these ever important decisions, in hopes that it will all come together in the end. Sherburne-Marrs feels it is an extremely important element of the execution of your overall vision that requires special care and attention. That is why we want to be with you every step (and swatch) of the way, and have an in-house designer that works solely for Sherburne-Marrs, and now, you.

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